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13 Reasons Why Students Must Learn Digital Marketing

By Now almost 3,812,564,450+ internet users are Online just like you! No matter if it is homework or an assignment, we get to learn lot from the Internet. Teens and Youngsters stay more time online than the rest. But what if you make money being Online? Isn’t Nice??? Of Course who doesn’t want to make a worthy Career using Internet!

As a Student, you might be researching for a course to acquire extra skills; or as a College Student might be checking on your career and Stream. But wait! Did you know about Digital Marketing already?

From toppers to dropouts, no matter what your profile is, no matter what your qualification is, Digital Marketing is a field that provides opportunities for anybody! Let us see about it in detail!

What is Digital Marketing?

We live in the era where Internet as a boom provides a great opportunity to build our career in the Internet itself. Your each Selfie posted on Facebook, Instagram is an example of Digital Marketing. Your posted pictures about First trip abroad, sharing a video of Unboxing your costly mobile in Social Media, are all kind of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is not a usual marketing method as you think. Digital Marketing also known as Internet Marketing involves all the promotional techniques you do in various Digital Platforms (Search Engines, Social Media, etc.) using Internet. To put it in Simple, Anything you promote by means of Internet is Digital Marketing.

Doubting how this Digital Marketing can build you a career? Let us see how Digital Marketing can do wonders for your career

Why Students Should Learn Digital Marketing?

1. Unemployment is a major Distress in India

Are you a Job hunter who is just out of College? Then you will find the One Solution named Digital Marketing which fulfills your Student’s dream to build your career.

Did you know! 

About 31 million people are unemployed in India as of 2018

This isn’t a huge number??? Of Course it is!!! Many of the graduates who have paid lump sum amounts are unemployed. When it comes to engineering more than 60% of the 8 lakh engineering graduates across the country every yea remain unemployed. Especially this year the unemployment rate has increased as per the experts. The major reason behind such a worsening condition is due to increased supply than the demand (Engineers! We understand that it’s a tough time for you), But in Digital Marketing arena, demand for Digital Marketers is quiet higher, where you can choose your stream in Digital Marketing, shorten the needless and can fill the demand as a valid supply.

2. Digital Marketing is Super Easy

Digital Marketing may seem scary, but no, it is not tough as if you think! If you are tired of learning competitive subjects and wanted to have an easy-go in learning, you can learn Digital Marketing. By this you can make your Digital marketing career even in short span of time (say a month or two) without any difficulties rather than tensely spending 3-4 years to get graduated. It means you can start you career soon.

3. Digital Marketing is very affordable than that of other degrees

As you know, even a Single Bachelor degree usually costs minimum of 2-3 lakhs in a very reputable college, Whereas Digital Marketing is a reasonably priced training that costs way less (say in thousands) than other degrees.

4. Demand for Digital Marketers is higher

India is growing digital. Experts say that by 2020 more than 80% of business in India will turn completely Digital. Thus the demand for Digital Marketers is expected to be more than 2 lakhs jobs in India which could considerably slender the unemployment problems. The Indian Express also states that Digital Marketing is one of the highly demanding and equally well paid Job (Engineers of India Don’t lose hope! Here is a way out for you). So if you probably don’t want to face a tough jobless situation, wisely choose a stream where there is a higher demand; and this stream can be Digital Marketing to make an exciting career.

5. Your Resume will be Uber-cool if you have Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing is not a Course that is meant to be learnt for just adding in resume. It is a kind that will turn into mandatory in few years. Since digital marketing will have its upper hand when it comes to promotion, all the organizations will look for Digital Marketers.

Did you know!

40% of Recruiters Choose Digital Marketing Profile.

In this case, your Digital Marketing Certification will have a significant impact on your resume and will add value to it. Presently, Digital Marketing skills are highly required by the industries and are on high focus by the recruiters. So if you want to be noticeable amongst this highly competitive pack, become certified in Digital Marketing, stand out and win the race.

6. Enhance your Simple, Creative and Innovative Skills in Digital Marketing

As students, you will be active, inventive and being cognizant. Similarly Digital Marketing is a sector that is constantly growing, so it is necessary to stay updated for anyone to persist in this field. Thus this provides a great opportunity to learn something new every day. This helps you to embellish your innovative skills and implement those talents in Digital Marketing. So if you are already creative, don’t wait to take a leap at Digital Marketing.

7. Digital Marketing brings you a Prosperous Career with Better Pay and Designation

If you want to have a better growth prospects, of course you can take a step in Digital Marketing. Even as a fresher, you can earn like 15,000/- to 25,000/-. With years of experience, salary packages are really awesome for Digital Marketers. Also according to Glassdoor, Digital Marketing Manager on an average, can earn 6.7 Lakhs per annum. A Digital Marketer earns considerable income. So if you want to have better designation with better pay, Digital Marketing can be your best choice.

8. Choose your Area of Interest and be exceptional from that of your friends

No idea to take on Engineering, Commerce, Arts, Science, Business or anything? Then Digital Marketing can be your selection in the list if you have to be unique from that of your friends. Here you can select your own area of Interest and field! As all the Industries want to have an influential presence among their competitors, Digital Marketing is rising in India, every field offers Digital Marketing Jobs. So you can choose your own specialty in which you desire. Remember! Digital Marketing is one great field which can offer a Strengthening career to anyone from any sector.

9. No Work Stress! Be a Cool Digital Marketer in a Pretty Culture

As per the reports stated by GlassdoorSearch Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization Managers are ranked on top as one among the designation with cool and best work-life balance.

There may be many of your friends who will work or working in stressful jobs where they don’t have time to balance both the family and work. But Digital Marketing field is exceptional. It provides jobs with perfect work life balance where you can get to work in exciting and cool environment.(What else a man need other than a pretty work culture with no stress, I would work all day then!)

10. Earning (Freelancing) while Studying

If you are a Student looking for a Part time Jobs, Get the idea of Digital Marketing, Learn it thoroughly and Start earning money in big amount as that of working Full-time, because Digital Marketing affords a good pay even for freelancers. The most required Freelance Digital Marketers are SEO Analyst, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer, SEM Analyst, etc.

Did you know!

Digital Marketing Dominates Top-Paying Freelance Jobs in India

Likewise, Digital Marketing is booming in India and almost every company who are more aware about the importance of Online Presence utilizes Digital Marketing which needs more workforce giving rise to the chance of more Digital Marketing freelancers.

11. No Specific Qualification is Needed

Despite your qualification background, no matter if you are a 12th passed out or degree holder, from topper to dropout, Digital Marketing is common for all. So Students, if you are anyone from the above category, don’t stress out because Digital Marketing can fit anyone. No worries! Now Get ready to learn an easy and cool subject.

12. If you are going to become an entrepreneur

Do you have a long term goal of starting a business? Or are you ready to take over your father’s business? Then Digital Marketing is an inevitable strategy for you to do a better business. Ultimate goal of Business is to create strong brand awareness, perform trades as per your style and to gain more revenue from that.

Did you know!

The budget spent by Indian Businesses for Digital Marketing is increased to 30% compared to that of last year.

From just an example, it is clear that Digital Marketing will be the Future of Marketing to carry out any promotional Strategies; and Digital Marketing helps you to showcase and advertise your business in a modern way. Thus, Without Digital Marketing, it is impossible to run a business in today’s world. So Learn Digital Marketing, become a successful entrepreneur and be your own boss.

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13. If you are a student in marketing

We have discussed in detail about the unemployment of MBA students and Career in Digital Marketing for MBA Students. For Marketing Students, Digital Marketing has become an essentiality, however many of the business schools and colleges fail to deliver an elaborate teaching on Digital Marketing which fallouts marketers with insufficient knowledge. But you are in the period where the digital approaches have eaten up the traditional methods already, and so do marketing courses.

Did you know!

On an average, 60 percent of a marketer’s time is devoted to digital marketing activities, fueling demand for digital marketing specialists.

If you want to actually be a challenging marketer to fit the current competitive edge, you must know digital marketing; because traditional marketing will be no longer in the run and will soon become extinct. So go for a Digital Marketing Training, get yourself digitally ready and be a modern marketer.

Students are considered to be the strongest group among many; because you are at the right stage to make or break anything and everything. With such massive strength, it is the right time for you to make something good for your life. Guess What? It is Building your Career!

So if you are a free bird out of school who wanted to do a short term training to embellish your skills or a Student actively looking for a career enhancement or Doubting which stream to go for or Are you a Job hunter who is just out of College?? Then take a better decision to go for a field where you can develop your skills, that makes your learning easy and stress-free, that is affordable, which progresses your career, which can give you a better work-life balance, which provides numerous job and career opportunities. You will find the One Solution named Digital Marketing which fulfills your Student’s dream to build your career.

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