PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Benefits and Importance

What is PPC? Benefits and Importance of Pay-Per-Click Advertising Explained

Technology is growing enormously beyond what we think. We are already at the era where the machine started communicating at their own language. But shouldn’t we equip ourselves for this Digital era with the latest technologies? Of course yes! Especially Digital marketing is setting many trends now, of which PPC takes an important part of it since years.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an effective yet a striving Marketing Strategy in which you are charged when your ads are clicked on. Not so clear? For a better understanding, let us see what Pay-Per-Click advertising is. With the help of Pay-Per-Click ads, you pay for every individual clicks to earn website visits, rather than achieving those visits organically. That is, when on typing a keyword in a Search Engine, the search results that appear on top with “Ad” as shown in the image, are the Pay-Per-Click ads. These  ads are charged for each of your Click.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads Example

So why PPC Ads are preferred? What makes PPC marketing so important?

Why do people prefer the paid ads, when there are number of optimizing techniques to rank the websites in the Search Engines? The answer is that Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective Advertising Channel; because RTR can be achieved quickly compared to other optimizing techniques. So what are these RTR? They represent ROI (Return on Investment), Traffic and Reach and can be obtained immediately.

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Why some Companies use PPC ads when they are already renowned?

64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online.” (WordStream, 2016)

Though the Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Dominos, etc. are well established, they use paid advertisements to promote a new Product /Service and f or a better reach. Even though SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process does the same, it requires some time to rank in the Search Results. But within Short span of time Pay-Per-Click advertisements stay on the roof of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and provide instant leads.

How Pay-Per-Click advertising help your business?

No matter if your company is a well-known flourishing company or a Start-up, PPC is a definite necessity for any business when you choose to advertise online. Let us see few benefits of PPC,

1. Hit the Targeted Traffic

Majorly, we discuss two things here. One is the target audience and the other is Generating Traffic. But when the two are obtained together, it results in the potential Customers. Using PPC ads, you can correctly hit the specific audience as well as create Traffic to your websites which generate the relevant leads and sales.

2. Achieve High ROI (Return On Investment)

Advertisement can be effectively done only by Spending money. But it is wiser if the money spent is worth the results. So PPC yields the higher ROI if the right phrases of keywords and the most accurate landing page with quality content are set.

3. Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential key for any Business to succeed. It creates an impression with your audience. But ranking up your websites (brand) through organic results takes much effort and time. In this Case, PPC ads can be the best marketing medium to promote your new product or service which reaches people in a blink of an eye.

4. Attract Local Customers

When people search for something so specific in a specified area, Pay-Per-Click ads best serves them for the search they make; PPC ads appropriately attract the targeted users based on their geographic locations.

5. Draw Potential Customers

As a result of clicking your ads, the most relevant leads are generated. So the users may turn to customers if they are satisfied with your product. So here, PPC ads make the best chance for the conversions to take place and even the old customers can be drawn again and again.

6. Attain Immediate and Measurable results

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest marketing strategy which will get you more traffic in a shorter span. Apart from this, you can also measure what your PPC campaigns had brought to your business (whether Profit or loss). You will get to know the number of Clicks, views, visits, demographics and many more which will help you to have a Complete Analysis of your PPC ad campaigns.

7. Has Wide Range of Promoting strategies

Pay-Per-Click ads, especially Google AdWords can promote right from a small business to a leading Organization. Because a wide range of advertising options are available like Variety of Ads (Image, Video, Text, Mobile), Extensions (Call Extensions, Location based extensions, Promotions Extensions, etc.), Bid Adjustments, Keyword targeting and many more can be availed at its best.

Now do you know how much Money you’re wasting in advertising? We all know that an effective Advertisement requires Money. But what if the money spent is worth the outcomes. Remember a poor PPC campaign will empty your pockets. Therefore know the right Strategies to invest your money in advertising to yield the accurate results.

How PPC can help your Career?

If you own a Business or if your companion is a PPC Expert you might have known that taking a PPC job is not as simple as you think. As a Pay-Per-Click Expert one must possess Strong Technical and Marketing Knowledge and should be aware of the Ongoing Strategies. So a Complete Understanding is required about the Competitors and their ongoing brands to stay ahead of all. Thus to optimize websites, business Personals require PPC Experts for their business growth. This in turn creates the enormous job vacancies for PPC professionals and so, the Demands for PPC Experts is Increasing Every day. Don’t worry! Now you too can equip your profession with marketing Strategies as per the trend. Because a career with PPC is a challenging and a welcoming one for the Digital era where one can find enormous job opportunities like Google AdWords Manager, PPC Expert, PPC Analyst, Search Engine Advertising Analyst, etc.

So the time has come! Learn how Pay-Per-Click training can help your career as well as your business with right PPC strategies. Subscribe to our blog for more updates and trends on Digital Marketing.


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