Keyword placement in SEO

Keywords are the query terms used by the searchers in Google. For every blog or website there is always good content behind. Keyword placement in SEO is most needed thing. In Blogging webmasters and bloggers knows “Content is Always king”.

Content creation is the fast and best way to attract more number of visitors in Google Search.


Keyword placement in SEO

A blog must contain minimum 300 words per post. Google loves long content blogs and websites so, always make the content with more words as possible.

Keyword is placed in all fields of the website.


  • keywords in blog title
  • keywords in heading tags
  • keywords in sub heading tags
  • keywords in image name
  • keywords in image alt and title tag
  • keywords in post content
  • keywords in first paragraph of the post
  • content must starts with keyword
  • keywords must found in meta tag
  • keywords must found in meta description tag
  • keywords must highlighted as bold, italic, underlined, color
  • keywords must linked as inbound and outbound links
Keyword placement in SEO

Avoid over use of the keywords in the page otherwise Google panda will penalized the page rank from Google Search results. Recovery from panda punishment will takes more time.

Use keyword density formula to calculate the keyword rate of the post/page.

For wordpress use YOAST SEO plugin to check the keyword density and keyword implementation. Correct keyword placement will surely rank the site in all search engines.

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