Digital marketing for small business marketing

Why Digital Marketing for Small Business?

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner? Running your small business moderately, but yet want to be successful as that of your pioneers? Here is an exciting answer that you might have known already, but may not be in-detail. Let’s have a look at Today’s Small Business Marketing essentialities.

Why Digital Marketing for Small Business?

We are living in a period with such a drastic changeover. The World is growing enormously faster and faster each day. Internet has created a big impact in all our lives which has become a compelling and obligatory need in everyday life.

Do you know!

There was an estimate of 3.5 billion internet users worldwide, that’s about 45 % of the global population.

It’s a huge number! Having this big number of online users, promoting your brand in Online will create a greater impact undeniably, wherein, the competitions are also high. For Functioning your business in this outstretched Digital world, you need to be really skilled and ready for the Digital go.

You might have achieved or will achieve enormous sales and profit. But to attain the Business Growth, Digital Marketing is absolutely necessary. For instance, your business office may be in a prime location or may be in a remote area, but only few might have known your brand when a conventional marketing strategy is followed.

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Despite your location, when your small business is showcased online, you get the customers from anywhere across the globe. The result is, new clients, new business relationships, ultimately you can reach the next level of your business.

There are many small businesses booming in India, especially in the Chennai Localities. Few Such Businesses include the following

  • Boutiques
  • Tea/Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Handicrafts
  • Interior Designing
  • DJ Events


Owning a beautiful Boutique? Competing in the fashion industry isn’t an easy thing!  It is a highly challenging field to get recognized by your customers. There are number of boutiques available in just a single street. So how will you attract your customers to stay ahead from that of choosing your competitors?  The precise solution for this is digital branding which can attract enormous audience anywhere anytime.

Do you know!

By 2020, 33% of all Urban Fashion Consumers will buy Online.

The fashion crowd is huge and dynamic in enormous e-commerce websites who are actively searching for their products every day. Fashion people tend to purchase from the boutiques which has more reputation and recognition. Thus to emerge your boutique’s elegance, promote in various digital platforms with right digital marketing knowledge, attract and get engaged to customers, increase your sales and boost your earnings.

Tea or Coffee Shops:

You may have hundreds of Tea/Coffee followers who have become a great fan of your brand. But how will you make the people get the blend of your brand’s aroma worldwide?? Well, Digital Marketing does that! Even a man around the corner of the globe can become your fan if you know the right Online promoting strategies to reach the global audience.

When you exhibit your Tea or Coffee menu in a website (Well every single business needs a website), social media or in any digital platforms displaying with your promotions, the customer number in Hundreds turn to thousands. Eventually, your business grows drastically with high audience and revenue. Don’t be surprised, Using Digital Marketing Strategies, you may even open a new branch succeeding your successful older branch!

“While Chai Kings(a Popular Tea shop in Chennai) do have walk-in orders, a large chunk of their business comes from deliveries, with most people either calling in or ordering online“. – The Hindu

Restaurants / Hotels:

Have got an aesthetic restaurant with the same customers? Want to reach even wider audience? Then Digital Marketing helps you! Now let the virtual taste of your food reach the audience anywhere at any time.  Advertising your restaurant in Social Media like Facebook, or organizing campaigns on social platforms makes your audience drool looking at your menu displayed on your websites. Ultimately, the customer crowd increases not only from your zone but also outside of your targeted area which may result in a peaked sale.

Do You Know!

Overall online food orders per day in Chennai is estimated about 10,000 – 15,000 during the period of January to March of 2017 and the major players are Swiggy and Zomato.

Similarly, when someone is looking for a nearby hotel, they get to know from Google. So when you want your hotels to be displayed on top of the search results page, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are ultimately required.


Creating a beautiful world with your cute handicrafts products? Making your leisure time productive? Want to save the dying traditional Handicrafts? Now let people cognize and understand the importance of handicraft products through Digital Marketing. To promote and sell the dying Handicrafts, you can write blogs, become an affiliate marketer and spread awareness about it and increase your sale on various digital platforms.

“The 100% digital model has helped the Ethnicwear label Farida Gupta (Hand Embroidery and Block Printing), find a level playing field with larger players in the market; it claims to have serviced 30,000 customers at an average of 200-300 orders being placed daily, and an annual turnover of $2 million last year” – The Economic Times

Interior Designing:

Are you a creative architect? But how do your clients know that you do well? Unless and until you display your events in digital platforms, people get to allure your creative and artistic skills. This, in turn, your audience may turn into your clients, by how you can make an awesome career.

DJ Events:

Organizing DJs in the parties and events? DJ events are high on trend. So how are you going to stay more dominant? This is possible with the help of promoting your professional DJ services in Online. To beat your competitors and to reach a wider audience, Get cognized to advertise your DJ services Online, get big clients and make more money.

Digital Marketing is not just limited to the above streams. Based on your brand/products or service, you require the specific strategies to boost your small business. The key to a Successful Business and Entrepreneurship is Digital Marketing indeed!

And here ESearch Advisors delivers Digital Marketing Course to let you know the right strategies and tactics to elevate your business status. Furthermore, we also provide matchless SEO services by studying your industry and analysing your business and its products to rank your business websites on top of the search Engines.

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