International Women’s Day Workshop 2020

On International Women’s day (March 8, 2020), E-Search Advisors presented a workshop on “Empowering Women in Digital Marketing”, which held at Teynampet, Chennai. The prime objective of conducting this workshop is to provide an equal opportunity for every woman participant and to make them networked with aspiring Digital Influencers in real time. The workshop also focused on holistic awareness of how the impact of Digital Marketing industry has created independent platform for every woman to succeed in Career and Business as well.

Ms. Mejella Martin – a Lecturer, a Specialist in Content Marketing and also a Digital Marketing Trainer commenced the workshop with an ice-breaking session by asking the participants to interact with each other and to collect their basic information. This in turn, created an intense curiosity to get familiar with each other and prepared them for the session. Hence, with this positive vibe the workshop session then proceeded with the Agenda. 

The first half of the session covered the below scenarios –

  • Difficulties of a Woman in pursuing their Career and Business
  • How and Why Digital Marketing is an independent platform for woman?
  • How Digital Platform helps a Woman to work as a freelancer?
  • How can a woman create her own business using Digital Platforms?
  • How Digital helps a Woman to land at a better job?

After the completion of above listed scenarios, the workshop then took a short tea break and continued with the thought-provoking session where the Digital Influencers presence inspired all the participants incredibly. The Digital Influencers were from various other fields, who shared their real-time insights and experience on how the Digital platforms played a vital role in balancing both family and work-life.

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First comes Dr. Usha Ravi – The Guest Speaker, who is the Founder of Foodialogues, a Food Scientist, a Professor, a Food Researcher, a Passionate cook, a Academic Quality Consultant and above all this, a Proud Grandmother! Dr. Usha shares her success story of how the learnt strategies of Digital Marketing urged her passion to establish her own Food Blog where she published articles and videos on Food Recipes, Food Stories, Food Science, Food History, Nutritional Health Benefits, Tips, Diet Plans, etc.

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Next comes Dr. Reetha Dinesh, Co-Chair Global Advisory Board of Naifa Maruf Foundation, a Human Rights special correspondent of News Today, a State Secretary of WAOHR INDIA and AIRA, a PR Consultant of Wockhardt Foundation, a Senior Educational Consultant of Seed Foundation and also a member of other Non-Governmental Organizations. She contributes her full support to students who need and deserves a 24 hour learning environment to make their dream come true, and also takes her stand for the upliftment of the poor, weak and needy.

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Last but not the least, Ms. Snehal Sham Joshi – The Guest Speaker, who is the Founder of Prolyfis Consulting Works and also a Founder of The 5 AM Mommy (Blog). Being a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a hard-working woman. Ms. Snehal knows what a mommy feels, and this thrived her to create this blog for every 5 am Mommy where she discusses how to balance a happy home, lifestyle, Fitness, Planning, Travel, Food, Parenting and everything.

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Finally, the agenda of the workshop successfully came to an end with interactive question and answer session, followed by Group Photo and Vote of Thanks. The Team of Digital Servicing Experts appreciated each and every attendee for their active participation in Workshop and also for the time they invested.

E-Search Advisors took a step forward to make this workshop more beneficial to the participants by offering them an in-demand Participation Certificate for attending Workshop in Digital Marketing and they gifted each participant a Sapling to make this world a better place for everyone.

About E-Search Advisors

E-Search Advisors is South India’s No.1 Digital Servicing company and Training Institute functioning in Chennai. They are a team of Digital Marketing Experts, who have decade of experience in delivering New-Age Marketing Strategies and Techniques to various Industries and Individuals. Apart from that, on this auspicious occasion they feel very proud to say that through their exclusive Digital Marketing Training Programs they have successfully placed 450+ Students and addressed more than 900+ students, and this success thrives them to make it consistent throughout the year.

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